Keep Your Paint Looking Beautiful

Hire us to apply an auto ceramic coating in Tuscaloosa, Holt and Northport, AL

Does your car get dirty again as soon as it comes out of the car wash? Perhaps you're tired of finding new scratches after a trip. Car Gloss Auto Detail has the perfect solution to your frustrations. We offer auto ceramic coating services in Tuscaloosa, Holt and Northport, AL.

When you bring your car to us, we'll:

  • Provide a detailed wash
  • Apply a clay bar treatment
  • Use a three-step polish
  • Apply the ceramic coating

You'll love how great your car looks when we finish. We're also available for boat ceramic coating services.

5 ways ceramic coating protects your vehicle

Whether you need a car or boat ceramic coating, the benefits are the same. Applying a ceramic coat will:

1.Prevent minor scratches
2.Reduce dirt and stains
3.Protect the paint from UV damage
4.Make cleaning a breeze
5.Add protection from water spots

Give your vehicle a beautiful, glossy glow. Contact us now for a free estimate on auto ceramic coating in Tuscaloosa, Holt and Northport, AL.